Connected TV is any device which can connect to the internet and designed to support multimedia (internet-capable TV sets, Roku Sticks, Amazon Fire Sticks, Apple TV along with video game consoles such as Xbox, PlayStation, Blu-ray players)
Connected TV (CTV) is the combination of Internet and web features into new-generation TV sets. You could say it’s the combination of TV and computer tech. The user interface is similar to that on a smartphone. These are called Smart TV’s.
You can use connected TV devices such as Roku, Amazon Fire, Apple TV & Chromecast, viewers can access video streaming services like (Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, Along with other Channels) and search for movies, TV Programs and more on the web.
Traditional TV, also known as Linear TV is mainly focused on media broadcasting where as these new-generation devices and TVs are all about online interactive media & internet TV. This means that they primarily get their media through streaming over the internet. Over-the-top content and on-demand streaming media.


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