Almost everyone loves TV – who doesn’t? Except maybe a few individuals who think watching television is a waste of time – wrong! Where was the world before the era of the internet? How do people get information about places beyond their current location, listen to news, watch programs and connect with recent happenings all over the world? And even with the advent of the internet decades ago, you still can’t do away with television. Plus, it’s more powerful now than ever with the entrant of Connected TV (CTV).

Television is a great ‘driver’ of the entertainment industry. No, it’s not only about drama, comedy and fantasy. It reveals fresh talent acts and encourages the fusion of styles and artists, which is particularly helpful in building a sense of belonging to the happenings of the entertainment industry.

In addition, television has given voice to many charitable causes and has become the perfect medium for charitable organisations to reach out to many generous individuals all over the world. Sports events’ broadcasters inspire a lot of people with their sports programs by making them go beyond their personal limits to achieve their dreams.  More so, television has proven an effective avenue for quality entertainment, through which households can virtually explore the wonders of the entertainment world.

Reasons why people love TV

Now, just imagine for a moment that your TV set stops working as a result of one reason or another. How would you feel? Not good I guess, because you’d probably be thinking of how you’re going to be watching your favourite shows/programs or keep abreast of the recent happenings.

However, the importance of television goes beyond that. TV builds family bonding, encourages education, builds a sense of intelligence, raises curiosity, enhances memory and serves as a source of inspiration.

Another good thing about television is that it gathers millions of people around common interests. We believe TV is a medium that brings ‘good tidings’ and nothing more. That said, here are good reasons why everyone should be watching TV.

Family bonding

Television facilitates sessions of family bonding. Families watch entertaining TV programs together, which gives them the opportunity of sharing quality time together. Television brings different shows into a family’s living room, thereby giving family members things to talk about.


Information is everywhere these days. However, many people see TV as a reputable medium for information and this makes it an authority. You can be sure that whatever you’re seeing on TV, millions of others are seeing it as well. This means that any information being disseminated has been carefully verified and produced by professionals. For this single reason, television has become the most trusted and popular medium for sports, culture, news and overall entertainment.

Source of inspiration

Television inspires the mind. It’s a powerful educational tool. It widens one’s depth of knowledge of different cultures, encourages tolerance, and promotes easy understanding of global issues. Through the various TV programs, such as discovery, current affairs, and lifestyle, people are motivated to perform better and set achievable targets for themselves.

Quality delivery

The quality of TV programming can’t be overemphasized. All thanks to combined experiences of talented individuals both on and off-screen. These professionals over the decades have ensured that the quality of TV productions keeps improving and remains top-notch across boards.  

Promotion of sports

We’ve always wondered where professional sports would be without television. Millions of people enjoy watching live sport every week from different parts of the world. You can be in your living room and watch live games of your favourite teams without being in the stadium. Televised sports brings a sense of unity among sports lovers, and promotes sports values that will be beneficial for healthy living.

Creates communities

Good TV programs will always have a gathering of communities around them. Television live events, shows and news makes for an interesting conversation among family, friends and colleagues. The programs have a way of bringing people together and leads to discussions on different social networks.

Gives voice to a credible cause

Television is and will always remain the best medium to reach out to billions of people during natural disasters, social emergencies and humanitarian crisis. It disseminates information to the public through programmes and campaigns on physical activity, environment, healthy eating, etc.

Builds brands

Brands use television to introduce new products and/or services to their customers, and build their brand presence. It’s nothing new that a lot of people make purchase decision about a product after seeing it on TV.

Grows the economy

Television is part of the global media sector, which employs millions of people across the world. Also, the commercial television has generated huge revenues that can be reinvested back into creating even more amazing programs for viewers.

Television in digital age

Viewers can now enjoy more TV content unlike before. You can watch on multiple screens and even interact within social platforms. The digital television experience has seen the introduction of exclusive online content before it even hits the linear-TV broadcast, and many more.


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